Mix N° 1 in sales : HORNBEAM/OAK/ASH with ALDER cheaper

Our choice

What kinds of firewood are we offering ? Selling a mix of different kinds on one palette is ideal to make your customer know the differences in the way it burns. This way they will soon find out what they really like the most.



Weight / m³Caloric Value
Ash670 kg/m³10,385 MJ/m³
Beech720 kg/m³11,160 MJ/m³
Hornbeam720 kg/m³11,160 MJ/m³
Oak690 kg/m³10,695 MJ/m³
Birch670 kg/m³10,385 MJ/m³
Alder510 kg/m³7,905 MJ/m³
Oak/Hornbeam/Ash690 kg/m³10,747 MJ/m³
Oak/Hornbeam/Alder640 kg/m³9,920 MJ/m³

We are Distributors working for a lot of Dealers.

Firewood sellers (dealers) have no time to spent in the office, their business is outside, working on wood or supplying customers.

Quickly buying trucks is bad thinking.

We work full time connected with our suppliers trying to get all we have to deliver in time before the Winter Season starts.

Fast orders, fast deliveries and fast payments making the business turn around.


Buying Firewood.

We yearly buy up to 500 trucks with a few suppliers.

This way we undertand eachother perfectly.

We are getting good quality packed in perfect strong boxes.

Our customers are spread over Belgium and The Netherlands.

Not one truck arrives at our place, there is even no place to turn or to reach our office. We have no storage place and all trucks are sent directly to our dealers. They sell to users called consumers. We, ourselve, do not sell to consumers.

Calculating Prices.

To enable us to calculate our selling prices. We need to know the inside dimensions of your boxes as well as the number of boxes you normally load on the trucks.

The more you can load the better it is for both of us. So don't load fresh cut wood, too heavy. Load semi-dry wood with a humidity between 15%-35%

Thickness of the blocs between Ø 8-15 cm & length 30 cm

A lot of consumers use this wood to put in small stoves. 

Perfect inside dimensions : 100x115x175 cm (B x C x A)

A lot of dealers work with small trucks and cannot take boxes of more than 2 meter in height. 175 + 15 = 190 cm is ideal !

Unloading trucks 

If a driver opens his truck alongside, he does not have to help.

If he only opens the back of the truck he has to bring the boxes to the back, the forklift driver cannot each time step into the truck to do this and then continue to unload with his forklift.