Sales conditions

Sales conditions

Solid Fuel

To unload a truck you need a forklift, don't order a truck if you don't have it.


We are getting an invoice the day the truck leaves the factory, that day we will make you our invoice and send it over by e-mail. This means that you will receive a truck within 3 working days. Due to traffic problems or severe weather circumstances it can take a few days more.

Our invoice must be paid 10 days after delivery.  

Each truck driver has to go loading at another place before he returns home. This means that he has to be unloaded as soon as possible. Talk to the driver to find out  what his time schedule is, he might as well stay there over night.


The truck has to be unloaded in all circumstances, broken palettes or other inconveniences should be solved together with us. Talk to us if you have some questions about the load. Refusing a truck is excluded, we will always find a solution together.